About Us

Well, hello darling.

Here's the sitch... Bold & Brassy Boutique is an online boutique offering today's trends with a touch of twang!

I'm a country girl at heart but there's nothing wrong with wanting to get all dolled up and fancy. Although we are primarily an online-only boutique, I just love to do pop-up shops in the community because they are just so much dang fun. I love meeting the brassy tribe and learning all about the Bold & Brassy customer. It's also super cool to collaborate with other local small business owners and work together to showcase both businesses.

We are a diverse collection of clothing and brands that speaks to your wild, feminine, rugged and brassy heart. I adore anything that adds personality and flair or just nods to my love of a simple, yet charming style.

I hand pick EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE that enters the Bold & Brassy headquarters.

If I wouldn't wear it, no matter how "trendy" it may be, it won't make the cut. A saucy screened tee that screams personality, anything turquoise & lace coupled with a sexy pair of kickers, is good for every Bold & Brassy soul.

I am a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Bold & Brassy is a tribute to my friends and family but most importantly my little ones; Easton James & Sawyer Mary-May - whose big bold personalities, wild-hearted, hazel eyed little lives are a constant reminder of the chaos that fuels me. This adventure I'm on as a mother hustler and dream chaser is going to raise the bar for what my kiddos believe they can BE, DO & HAVE in this wild journey; And believe you me, they will know how to work for it. Together, my husband and I have dreamt up the biggest, boldest, grandest vision for our lives and Bold & Brassy is an extension of that.

My fashion "experience" started when my mom informed me at the blossoming age of 4, as I dressed myself, that NO Bobbie, you cannot wear fire engine red corduroy pants with a hot pink wool sweater and two different sized shoes. Just no. So I guess you could say my fashion "experience" isn't experience at all, ha! Lucky for me, my taste has changed and for the better. Bold & Brassy is here to give you an excuse to trade in your tired clothes for something that will make you want to dance up on the table and sing "this little light of mine". That was a little too far, but hey I bet the thought of you or your friend doing that made you smile. 

I am committed to rollin’ up my sleeves, getting to work and offering you my very best! One thing I know for sure is that I want my friends to look and feel badass, confident and ready to take on the day.

When you find your tribe, you love em hard. 

When I handpick items to offer You, I make sure I choose items that I know you, my tribe, will rock! That is my mission. To help you get up, dress up & live out loud. After all, it ain’t your fault when you walk and jaws drop ;)

"You can have anything you want in this world if you dress for it" - Edith Head

So make today different. Get up, dress up and show up with confidence. Bold & Brassy Boutique has got your back, darling.


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Mom, wife, hustler, do-er, go-getter, mad chaos-creator & lover of life { and of course 90's country music }

Bold & Brassy #GIRLBOSS