Product Detail

Wapiti Bean Co. Coffee - Fly As A Mother


 This freshly ground blend isn't just a regular coffee blend, it's a cool blend. We aren't just regular Moms, we are cool Moms. So we need a cool coffee to complete the vibe. This blend is for the Mom who perk perk percolates. The one who likes to kick start a day packed with punch. The one who needs a little kick in her giddy up to get going but when she does, saddl eup folks becuase she's about to slay the day!


This blend offer smooth caramels with apricot and nutty notes (nut free). 
It's well balanced with a medium body. A great medium roast that encapsulates Bold & Brassy. (Spirited and beautiful/brilliant).

This coffee is locally roasted exclusively by Wapiti Bean Co in Grande Prairie, AB to offer a freshness you have been craving! No sugar necessary, this is the best damn coffee to ever grace your lips. Period.