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Bold & Brassy Black Friday & Cyber Monday ~ It's Better To Give!

November 23, 2017 Bobbie Eskdale

We want to love up on each and every one of the #boldandbrassy tribe members this #BlackFriday & #CyberMonday. There WILL be discounts for you to take advantage of but more important than TAKING a percentage off, we want to GIVE a percentage BACK!   This year we will be DONATING 15% of ALL SALES from to a very special non-profit organization called Tiny Hands of Hope 👼   Not only will you have the chance to receive great discounts on killer #styles but you will also have the opportunity to give back this season 🎁 ~ and that's...

The Boutique Boss Babe - Western Horse Review Interview by Louisa Murch-White

November 08, 2017 Bobbie Eskdale

I am so humbled and extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be featured on the Western Horse Review blog! Check it out.

- Bobbie Eskdale

Boutique Boss, Bold & Brassy

Dreams Are Worth Chasing

August 09, 2017 Bobbie Eskdale

Happy Wednesday #BOLDANDBRASSY Tribe💥 I love to be surrounded by little reminders, motivation and guiding words as I chuggalug my morning coffee ☕️  I'm at my Aunty Teneya Gwin's right smack dab in downtown Calgary. I'm so hillbilly deluxe that I'm pretty confident this is the largest city I've ever been downtown in. I'm used to hearing my chickens clucking in the a.m not the sound of the train coming and going or workers hustling to bang out their 9-5. I go to grab my morning java as I sit (21 floors high 😳 ) in this fancy 💃🏼 flat (baller...

Good Vibes & Loyal Tribes: Bold & Brassy Guest Writers!

August 11, 2016 Bobbie Eskdale

Good Vibes & Loyal Tribes: Guest writers series! Hey there! I'm so excited to start a blog series of Brassy guest writers. I have been pondering the idea of sharing with all of you the wisdom and enrichment I receive from my friends & family. I am so blessed to have so many amazing people (just like you) in my life. Nourishing and feeding my soul and that just ain't right to keep them all to myself! With a subtle nudge from my girlfriend Shelbi (okay, it's more like she's impatient and brings it up until I just do it...

A Day In The Life Of A Mompreneur: 3 Skills You Need To Get Ahead!

July 20, 2016 Bobbie Eskdale

Hey, all! Bobbie here. I know it's been a long ass while since I last posted here but that's in the past and I don't live there. Moving forward, I'm still learning that whole taking over the world of business (I say that loosely btw haha) all the while keeping my priorities, which are my children, husband & true happiness in check.  What is life like for a mompreneur? I'm going to tell you! It's not hard but is certainly has its challenges. I have two little ones at home. Sawyer Mary-May who is a darling and two weeks shy...