Good Vibes & Loyal Tribes!

Be kind, It Doesn't Cost a Damn Thing!

November 02, 2016 Bobbie Eskdale

I'm so excited to introduce my next writer for our Good Vibes & Loyal Tribes Series! Bailey came into my life as a lovely breath of fresh air. When I met her the first thing I thought was that she was a BRIGHT PINK starburst in a world of yellows. I thought there was no fucking way that this girl was REALLY this nice. Everyone can put on a front once in a while right?! Well turns out she really is that nice! She as a total cup of tea yet sometimes she blurts out profanity (and then apologizes for it)...


September 22, 2016 Bobbie Eskdale

My very first post of the "Good Vibes & Loyal Tribes" series is deep..I've never been one to shy away from the things that intimidate me and when it comes to fear, this is no exception. Does that mean it's a walk in the park? Awe HELL NO. It's painful, uncomfortable and can be the most vicious battle between the two wolves we carry within. You know what I'm talking about right? We all have them. The good wolf and the bad wolf. The good wolf is made of love, light, compassion & courage. The bad wolf carries jealousy, envy, fear...